We came to this path compelled by a deep need for answers to questions that were born in a common realisation: We were feeling lonely, and the more we strained our eyes and our hearts in the hope of finding someone else, the more this only served us to increase this feeling of isolation. We were looking outwardly for something that wasn't there. We were looking in the wrong direction. After many years of practicing meditation, it was clear to me that the feeling of isolation was nothing else that the response to a self- chosen way of perceiving myself, others and the world. MEDITATION is a way to stop and observe the patterns of our busy mind and its dynamic, and how this dynamic creates all the world we see every day. It helps us to re connect with the body and its sensations, feelings, emotions, and with all the resistances in its various forms as pain, numbness, heaviness, heat and even illness. As we observe with compassion and accept what is HERE AND NOW without trying to change anything, a new dimension opens up; the spiritual dimension of your real Self. This dimension holds the key to real happiness, peace and success, and even total freedom from suffering. Besides, meditation helps to relax, calm the mind, be in the present moment, improve blood and lymph circulation, normalise the blood pressure, rejuvenate, enhance a positive outlook in life, uncover our unlimited source of creativity, boost the immune system, heal any physical-mental condition, improve and strengthen our relationship with ourselves others and the environment, and the most important, inspires us to break- through from the box where we are now, to a much larger, all inclusive and all encompassing way of BEING. Get in touch today to start your meditation journey! Mobile: 0416070220