Thursday, March 31, 2016

Experiencial Guide- Jumping Mouse- Mouse Village

The Mousetrap called "Consensus Reality"

Even without childhood trauma, how easy it is to allow ourselves to be governed by outer authority- the rules, beliefs, and opinions of others- without giving them our careful consideration. We accept what sociologists call "consensus reality", the reality agreed upon by most people as the way things "should" be.
If that consensus reality is one based on deep family, cultural, and spiritual values, we are likely to have an intrinsic sense of self and the confidence and courage to trust ourselves. If, on the other hand, that consensus reality is lacking in values, we may survive by dovetailing inconspicuously with the status quo. We obey the shoulds and ought-tos and have-tos which, in many cases, are blindly alluded to not so much because of their value, but because they exist. A grey dullness pervades. It becomes easier to blend in, to go along with what is, to be mediocre. We weigh and measure our responses, and in the process we become numb to our authentic selves, to genuine feelings and original thoughts. We internalise our consensus reality. Inside us, there may be a demanding, inner patriarch that keeps us stuck in Mouse Village just as effectively as any external pressure could ever do. We judge and criticise ourselves. We lavish guilt on ourselves because of our shortcomings. And we fall prey to limitations of family systems and generational patterns which we unconsciously perpetuate. We may feel obliged to live out our parent's unlived lives, or we may feel trapped in roles assigned to us in our family of origin.


Journal the following questions and  share in a group next week.

1- What activities keep you "hurrying and scurrying" in your Mouse Village?
2- which of these activities could you eliminate?
3- What family "rules" still govern yo but no longer serve? Identify separately Mother "rules" and father 'rules". Name one or two rules for each parent.
4- What "rules" by society, community, church, or organisations govern you but no longer serve?
Choose one or two.
When I am in Mouse Village I...............................
Describe yourself. Be honest and be amused.

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