Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hearing the Call- Jumping Mouse activity

The sound that Jeremy heard comes from the Unknown. It is the voice of Spirit, the Inner Voice. It communicates to us in a number of ways: a hunch, a feeling that persists, a revealing dream, an inner knowing, a chance meeting which has particular relevance, or a sensing that defies the rational process.
Life is always calling us, even though we may not always hear that call. Sometimes the call from our inner world is confirmed with an experience in the outer world; those moments of exquisite synchronicity! Something is calling us from within to be recognise as the voice of liberation from the false self, the ego, the "I", made up of the thoughts and reactions that we have allowed to rule our lives.
The sacred call is transformative. When such a call occurs and we hear it-  really hear it- our shift to higher consciousness is assured. The one that receives the message recognises a new sense of reality, and follows, as if by intuition, in a way that may elude verbal explanation.

                                                                     Medicine Shield (activity)
Draw a large circle on a piece of paper or on a cloth. Make eight equal-size segments. You will be asked to draw, paint, or sew a symbol for each segment of the story. In so doing, you create your own unique Medicine Shield, a symbolic representation of sacred images that depict your journey and serve to empower you.
In the first segment of the circle, draw a symbol that represent your life in Mouse Village.

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